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Master Foodie Assam 8th Fruits Contest Result Aug 2022

1st Position Holder – Preety Kakati
2nd Position Holder – Nabanita Goswami
3rd Position Holder – Jili Mani Deka
4th Position Holder – Sivangi Deka
5th Position Holder – Mayuri Nath
6th Position Holder – Biuti Sarma
7th Position Holder – Nilakshi Dutta Medhi

First 3 winners will receive gift hamper and certificates.

Master Foodie Assam 4th Contest Result Announcement 2022

Congratulations To All The Winners

Winner:  Malaya Neog

(Gift Hamper, Certificate and Interview)

Master Foodie Assam 4th Contest Announcement 2021

1st runnerup Punamshree_das

1st Runner-up:  Punamshree Das

(Valuable certificate and Interview)


2nd Runner-up: Jayashree Biswas

(Valuable Certificate and Interview)

nayanadas_3rd runnerup

3rd Runner-up: Nayana Das.

(Valuable certificate and Interview


Admins choice:  Pooja Kakati

(will receive valuable certificate from registered organization)


Admins choice: Sulkshana Das

(will receive valuable certificate from registered organization)


(Website & App Developer)

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"It is an incredible experience for me, to create Foodie Assam Food Blog Channel, where people can showcase their food creativity from their home. Hope this small initiative may help people to get Healthy Foodie Lifestyle."

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Happy New Year 2021

ঘৰৰ নাৰিকলৰে তৈয়াৰী লাড়ু, ঘৰত তৈয়াৰ কৰা টেঙা দৈ, আটাৰ নিমকি, আটা আৰু নাৰিকল ৰে তৈয়াৰী পিঠা, ঘৰতে তৈয়াৰী কৰা ৰচগুল্লা
আৰু নেদেখা জনলৈ বুলি আগবঢ়োৱা প্ৰসাদে আমাৰ বিহুৰ আয়োজন। তিল, বৰা চাউল আৰু গুৰ বিহীন আয়োজন।

Women Entrepreneurship Development 2020

A full-day workshop to empower women on Baking and Cake making successfully organised by Manash Bora, member of Edupur Society at Edupur Society Conference Hall, Tezpur on 23 Feb 2020, professionally trained by Munmi Gogoi & Ruprekha Das from Guwahati. The Aim of this workshop is to provide platform to be a women entrepreneur.

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